Hike #4 : Abel Tasman

Hike #4 : Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman National Park is renowned for its golden sandy beaches, sculpted granite cliffs and its famous coastal route.

About the hike

Abel Tasman is New Zealand’s smallest national park, located at the north of the South Island. The hike is normally done on 3-5 days but we preferred to do part of the track on a single day. Many almost desert beaches and wild forests punctuate the hike. This allows you to fully enjoy the paradisiacal landscapes.

Plus, the track is one of New Zealand’s great walks. With a length of 60 km, it allows to discover several must sees like the “Cleopatre’s Pool” or a suspension bridge at 47 meters from the ground. Finally, know that there are many plots of hiking if you want to do a part like us.

However, if you plan to hike in its entirety, know that you will spend your nights in one of the 4 huts or in one of the 18 campsites of the route. The reservation is obligatory. You can book through the government site for a complete view of housing solutions: https://www.doc.govt.nz/abeltasmantrack



Level: Easy to intermediate depending on the distance traveled

Duration: Some routes can be done in 20 minutes but the complete hike is done in 3 to 5 days

Required equipment: Hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat / cap, sleeping bag

To conclude, Abel Tasman is one of New Zealand’s great walks but not the most arduous. It’s possible to make a small part of it if you only want to enjoy Tasmanian landscapes. But if you want to challenge, it is quite possible to go through with a little organization, motivation, and especially a swimsuit!

The localisation

Abel Tasman is located at the top of the South Island; the nearest towns are Motueka, Takaka and Kaiteriteri.

Roads lead to Marahau and Totaranui at both ends of the coastal track (one hour and a half from Nelson) and provide access to the inland trail system.

In addition, there are regular and on-demand bus services to the park from local towns and Nelson, as well as boat launching and water taxi services.


Happy New Year at Northern Bass Festival

Happy New Year at Northern Bass Festival

To celebrate the new year as it should be, we decided to go to the biggest bass music festival in New Zealand, the Northern Bass. Return on 3 days (from 29 to 31 December) of music, party but also unforeseen.


But, why the Northern Bass?


First, we both like Drum & Bass and after some research, it turned out to be Drum & Bass’s biggest festival in New Zealand, with a catchy line-up. Then we were looking for a festival on the North Island before going down to the South Island and preferably to the North to enjoy the heat. The Northern Bass, located north of Auckland was then the perfect choice.

A few days after our arrival in middle ground, we decided to reserve our tickets for us but also for our van to be able to camp inside the festival.

And so, the Northern Bass, it’s worth it?

To be honest, yes and no.

First of all, what we really liked was the DJs we were waiting for (Pendulum Live, Danny Byrd, The Upbeats etc.). The sets were good and the sound was good. The scenes were well distributed and the Jungle Stage surrounded by trees had a real stamp. Moreover, the festival as a whole was pleasant to go with its well positioned campsites, its small square with the various food stalls and the Oasis scene with its pond where it was possible to bathe. Finally the atmosphere was good kid and friendly. Moreover, we have met very few tourists.

However, not everything was perfect. The first thing that struck us is the excessive pricing of consumption. Indeed, the food and drinks were quite expensive while at the same time, the organization forbade that we can bring back food to cook. In addition, a few days before the event, the organization has released the complete line-up and the time table and surprise, the Oasis scene and the Main Stage will open only on December 30 and 31. Great disappointment for us knowing that we intend to take advantage of the water point 3 days. Finally, we missed the fireworks due to a quack that shifted his shot 40 minutes while we were already gone to another scene.

However, despite these small inconveniences, we had a very good festival and a very good new year.

Do not hesitate to watch our video summary of the festival (just below) to discover the atmosphere of Northern Bass.

See you soon 🙂