Hike # 2: Mount Pauanui

Hike # 2: Mount Pauanui

You are in the Coromandel area? A hike to Mount Pauanui (387 m) awaits you!

About the hike

Pauanui is a beautiful city that offers very diverse landscapes. To access the city, you will cross a huge forest in the mountains. The city imposes a holiday atmosphere. You will go to Pauanui beach, the most famous beach.

It is on this beach that the 3.8 km trek begins.

It is a climb rather difficult but which is worth it. The summit of Mount Pauanui offers breathtaking views to the north on the beach and the rest of the city. A 360 ° vision is offered to you with a small bench that is at the top to reward you for your efforts!


Level: Easy – Medium (steep slope)

Time: Around 2h30 round trip

Required equipment
Hiking shoes because the track can be slippery


In conclusion, a hike requiring a relatively low level. A steep slope certainly but a relatively short distance. This climb is worth it since it offers a magnificent panorama on all the surroundings. Do not be afraid of the climb, take your time: you will not regret it!

The localisation

In the coastal town of Pauanui, this hike begins at the Pauanui Beach (GPS coordinates: -37.02728,175.874145), a beautiful beach that reveals a small path on the right.