First days at Dublin – Part I

First days at Dublin – Part I

Hello everyone ! Today, I give you an account of the first three days spent in Dublin and its surroundings.

Day 1 

Despite a stormy weather, out of the question for me to stay warm under my comforter! At first, I decided to discover the capital without having a specific program. I then head south of the city and discover the impressive building that forms the former Irish parliament. Opposite is the equally majestic gardens and buildings of Trinity College.

I continue on Gratton Street, famous shopping street where many street artists regularly play music. The place is very lively, day and night. You can also find the tourist office of the city located in an old church. At the end of the street, I arrive at the entrance to Saint Stephen’s Green Park. The park is very well maintained and is characterized by Victorian style gardens and a charming lake. This is the perfect place for a romantic get-together 🙂

Day 2 

Some time ago, I heard about a seaside resort called Dun Laoghaire, which would be easily accessible from the city center. A shopkeeper tells me to take the DART (public transit service of the city) to get there.


The journey takes only about twenty minutes, the time for me to admire Dublin Bay and the Howth peninsula that appears in the distance. The seaside promenade is almost deserted but remains pleasant despite the strong winds. At the end of the pier is the James Joyce Tower which houses a small free museum.


On the other hand if you like shopping, I advise you to go for a walk in the city center since Dun Laoghaire has more than 200 shops!

Day 3 

Raining cats and dogs. So I choose to go to the National Gallery of Ireland. The museum is free but a donation, even small, is recommended. The interior layout is amazing: the entrance is made of raw concrete which contrasts with the worked facade dating from the seventeenth century. The place is filled with corridors that lead to small intimate rooms as well as gigantic halls with dozens of paintings.

The whole is quite eclectic since Irish paintings dating from the twentieth century rub shoulders with the Italian Renaissance. To note, a very beautiful painting of Caravage newly acquired by the museum.

In the coming days, I intend to go to Northern Ireland for a day to go to the famous Giant’s Causeway. If you want to know more, come back to visit our website 😉

Logbook: arrival in Dublin

Logbook: arrival in Dublin

Imminent takeoff for Dublin!

6.30pm – Orly airport

The plane finally takes off, with a half-hour late. I am borrowed from a mixture of excitement and apprehension. It must be said this is the first time I go on a solo adventure. In spite of that I fall asleep in a few minutes.

8.00pm – Dublin airport

I wake up with a start when the plane lands. The mind still clouded, I go down the track, get my stuff at the terminal and head to the exit. I am pleasantly surprised by the clear weather and mild temperatures (it is 9 °).

The time of a cigarette, I hesitate between taking an Uber or the bus to Dublin city center. The seller looks cool, I opt for the second option. In a loud and warm voice, he tells me on a map where I have to go and accompanies me to my bus rewarding me with a “have a nice trip”. I recommend this formula at the unbeatable price of 7 euros against 30 euros on average for the taxi.

8.30pm – Dublin city center

When I arrive, I discover a city full of lights and excitement. I make my way to my hostel (Abigail’s hostel) where I am greeted by a very nice hostess. I drop my things and come out almost immediately.

For this first getaway, I make it simple and decide to walk along the Liffey, the river that runs through the capital. Following the docks, I meet many pubs with colorful storefronts where escapes the scent of beers and notes of traditional music. A little further, they gradually give way to ultra-modern buildings that form the business district.

After this short excursion, it’s time for me to return. I invite you to return regularly to the site to discover with me Northern Europe!