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by | Mar 9, 2019 | Australia, Travel tips

Finding a job in Australia is not (anymore) easy. Indeed, according to what I have heard, the golden age of the easy and profitable job in Australia is exceeded. It is still quite possible to find a job in Australia, if we take a hard time and we are alright about the hardness of work.

Of course, I will talk about my personal experience, I was able to find a farm job in just 5 days but many did not succeed at all. We must also be able to count on his lucky star and not hesitate to be mobile throughout Australia.

I was also in Brisbane and I had to do more than 1000 km to go to my future workplace (melon fields). I will spread more about my working conditions in another article.

Tip #1 : The main compulsory courses in Australia

Some jobs require certification beforehand. There are many and they are paying, so choose the area in which you want to illustrate to avoid losing money and especially time. Most training is done in accredited centers or online. Know that you will have enough trouble finding a job that requires certification without it, employers are more attentive. Here is an anthology of the main cereals in Australia:

  • The RSA (Responsible service of alcohol): you figured it out, it will serve you to fill glasses and pock tips as a bartender. It may even be asked if you want to be a waiter since you must often be able to know the legislation in force in the state. Choose, besides, scrupulously your state of passage of the certification which often is valid only in this one!
  • Barista Training: To serve coffee, you will be asked to show your barista certification. A little paper that will prove that you know how to meet the specific requirements for coffee in Australia
  • The White card: the Grail of the backpacker who hopes for a big salary! This will allow you to work in construction. Understand a job outdoors, difficult because very physical but who can pay big!
  • The blue card: this one will allow you to be traffic control course or controller of road traffic. This job also has the reputation of being well paid and much less tiring than construction.


Remember that certification does not give you access to work by snapping your fingers. From my own experience, it is not uncommon for you to be asked for certification + a number of years of experience in the job in question. Make the good choice !


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Tip #2 : The Australian CV

If you thought you could escape, it’s missed! It will be necessary to redo his CV (youpi!). Finally, let’s be clear: it all depends on the job you are aiming for. If you want to work in a farm you are unlikely to be asked for a CV, you will only be asked about your past experience in the field. But for all the rest, I’m afraid he’ll have to bring out your most beautiful professional photo.

My advice: make a different CV by business sector. Employers do not care if you’re a web developer if you’re looking for a server job!

The CV can make 2 pages it does not matter, simple: we want to understand your skills as quickly as possible! Put your availability and VISA directly. As well as of course, all you need to be contacted.Other thing: Australian employers love references and do not hesitate to call them! So if you’re thinking of beautifying reality, do this cleverly little naughty gang!

You can see the one I made here. My main goal was to find a job in farm but having a very limited budget, I still applied to various offers on Brisbane (dish washer, kitchen hand, car washer …) just in case. motivation may also be requested, but not always. Personally, I did not do it, but I was about to start just before I got my taf in farm (phew).

Tip #3 : Where to look for a job?

Very big subject, and everyone goes for his visionary advice. In reality everything depends on what you are looking for! For farm jobs I advise you to watch the Harvest Guide published by the government. This one will give you an idea of ​​the location of the farms that recruit according to the seasonality by location.

My little advice: go directly on the west coast, much less plebiscite than the east, you will have less competition and more chances to find a job on the farm! As for jobs like waitress, dish washer, kitchen hand etc … aim big cities. You will be more likely to find in Sydney. Do not forget that rents are expensive.

Personally, I had targeted Brisbane, but a lot of backpackers were looking for work and could not find it at the time I was there. Always have a plan B and luck is with you!

Tip #4 : Which sites / applications to find a job?

Of course the vast majority of your time will be dedicated to finding a job on the net. To do this, you must target a few sites and essential applications:

  • Gumtree: the equivalent of our good national corner, Gumtree also has references in jobs. You can also post an ad stating that you are looking for a job yourself to maximize your chances. But I can not tell you if it’s really effective.
  • Seek: a job search site. In my own experience, this site is more useful when you are looking for a job rather qualified and not a job of traveler but my faith is known ever?
  • Indeed: the “No. 1” recruitment sites. This is where I found the most offers personally. I advise you to create an email address reserved for job search and to create alerts for ads that may interest you.

Very often, it’s first come, first served since these are jobs that do not require a lot of skills for the most part. Be responsive and spend time!

  • It remains obviously Facebook: it is the first platform for the small jobs in Australia. Many groups are available for job search. There are those which concern the whole Australia (Backpacker jobs in australia for example) but also by region, state even by city! So do not hesitate to search all the possible groups and imaginable! There are also groups reserved for finding farms (AUSTRALIA Fruit picking / Packing / Farms Jobs / 88 days for example). My advice: when you are on a group’s Facebook page, set the notifications so that you are notified of each publication. Yes it’s a bit boring, you’ll get notifications every 30 seconds but as I said: first come, first served!

Many sites and apps will help you find a job on the farm. The application that I think is most useful is Wikifarms: it lists farms in Australia. You can sort them by plantations and especially by season and the most important: phone numbers and addresses are included! Nevertheless the application is paying (around 7 euros on the google store).

Of course, the best technique will remain door-to-door! No matter what job you’re looking for, nothing beats seeing a candidate moving directly. Bring CVs and simply put on a suitable outfit in case you start immediately! I can talk about working hostels and temp agencies, but I have very little knowledge of the subject. All I can tell you is find out before! Post a message on the backpacker groups and see reviews on Google. Go through a third party to find work can quickly turn into a nightmare. (Smile tho :D!)

You will understand, finding a job in Australia is not a part of fun and for good reason: everyone wants to work! Backpackers are more and more numerous in Australia and the law of 88 days does not help! It states that if one works for some employers, in some jobs (mostly farm), a second year of WHV is possible. Eldorado for the majority of backpackers who literally count the days. But this law significantly increases competition, allowing some unscrupulous employers to break wages.

Nevertheless, you may be lucky and get paid work by the hour at the legal rate! Keep hope!

I found myself a job quickly, I will tell you all this in my next article! See there boyz and gurlz 😀