Travel Apps to have in New Zealand

by | Nov 12, 2018 | New Zealand, Travel tips

Here are our favorite free travel apps for traveling to New Zealand.

CamperMate and WikiCamps New-Zealand

These two travel applications are quite similar and can locate the various campsites and free camps in New Zealand as well as public toilets, showers, gas stations, laundromats, free wifi etc. A must-have if you travel in van for example. Traveler communities are very active and data is regularly updated. We have a preference for WikiCamps that allows you to download the cards and use them without any connection.

Available on Iphone and Android.


Maps.Me is a totally free GPS navigator allowing you to use offline maps by downloading them in advance. Convenient in New Zealand where areas without telephone networks are numerous. Maps.Me also allows access to “Points of Interest” such as hiking trails that would not be available on other GPS. Its database is updated daily. The application also has all the features of a classic GPS application with navigation system depending on the type of trip (by car, bike or on foot) and search filters (restaurants, gas stations etc.)

Available on Iphone and Android.


Gaspy is a kiwi application to find petrol stations offering the cheapest fuels around you. Its operation is collaborative and relies on its large number of contributors (more than 100,000 times installed) which constantly provide information on the price of fuel in the stations. A free travel app and very convenient to make significant savings.

Available on Iphone and Android.

MetService NZ Weather

“In New Zealand, you can have four seasons in one day”. This kiwi expression sums up well the changing weather conditions in New Zealand. You can wake up with a beautiful sun and 2 hours later be in a storm and 2 hours later be in a fine rain for finally, with a little luck, find the sun at the end of the day. MetService is the application of kiwi weather services and allows to see in real time, the evolution of the weather conditions. It is certainly the most reliable application and is also very well designed. Very practical to prepare his hikes or surf days.

Available on Iphone and Android.